ChromaPure Freqently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay extra for ongoing technical support?
No. As a licensed owner of ChromaPure, you are entitled to lifetime free e-mail technical support.
Can I purchase meters separately?
Contact us about this. The rules vary for each meter.
Can I license more than one meter with my copy of ChromaPure?
Yes. With the cost of ChromaPure includes one license for any of our supported meters. If you wish to add additional meters, the cost is $100 for each additional license, plus the cost of any meters if you are purchasing an additional meter from us.
Can I get a replacement for my current meter without incurring any additional licensing costs?
Yes. If you merely want to get a new meter of the same type to replace one that has worn out, the only cost to you is the meter itself. You will be charged an additional licensing fee only if you purchase a different meter than the one you were originally licensed for.
Can I add additional meters after my initial purchase?
Yes. Just contact us about an addition to or a replacement for your current license.
May I use my copy of ChromaPure for commercial purposes?
Yes, but you must purchase a Professional license.
Is there a professional version of ChromaPure?
Yes. See our web site for details.
Do I need anything extra to use ChromaPure?
What are the system requirements for ChromaPure?
See the product page for ChromaPure.
Can I install ChromaPure on more than one PC?
Yes. You can install the software on as many PCs as you like. However, you can only use it with the meter(s) that it is licensed with.
Is there a Mac version of ChromaPure?
Not at this time. However, we are constantly reviewing market conditions so this may change.
Is my ChromaPure license transferable?
Yes and No. Yes in the sense that you are free to sell your copy to someone else if you like. However, "no" in the sense that it will still only function with the meter(s) it is licensed for. If you wish to transfer a fully functional version, it must be bundled with the licensed meter.
Do you have an upgrade policy?
Yes. Point upgrades will be offered to licensed users for free. These upgrades will generally include only small changes and bug fixes. New versions will be offered to licensed users at a substantial discount. New versions will include major new functionality, and will not be merely cosmetic.