JETI Specbos 1211 Reference Spectroradiometer


At some point many professionals conclude that their work requires a reference color analyzer. SMPTE has established standards for such a device. It must measure color accurately to within ±0.002 xy at or above 10 cd/m2 and luminance accurately to within ±0.5 cd/m2 for white field measurements. These are very exacting specifications that no tristimulus colorimeter can achieve, at least for chromaticity. For this level of accuracy you must have a 5nm spectroradiometer.

Unfortunately, such devices are not cheap. The Photo Research and Minolta reference devices start at about $15,000 and go up to near $30,000. The X-Rite i1Pro is reasonably affordable, but it is a 10nm device that cannot routinely achieve ±0.002 xy accuracy. Furthermore, in addition to being expensive, true reference devices also often suffer from practical limitations. They can be slow and have problems with low-light readings.

Recently, a German company JETI Reference Instruments has developed a true reference spectroradiometer, the Specbos 1211, that solves most of these problems.

First, it is relatively affordable, that is at least what passes as "affordable" in the context of reference devices. Second, it is speedy even with low luminance sources. In our testing the 1211 reads a 0.7 cd/m2 test pattern in about 13 seconds. Measurements of a 17 cd/m2 level pattern is 3 seconds or less. It is also amazingly compact and portable and includes a nifty laser spotter that allows for accurate aiming. Finally, it provides a built-in sync detector that ensures that readings will always be synchronized with the frequency of the display being measured. This feature guarantees excellent repeatability on all display types. The only feature this incredible device gives up to the established Photo Research and Minolta competitors is stand-alone operation. The Minolta and Photo Research alternatives allow for aiming through optical sights and readouts on a small LCD screen. They are fully functional devices without a PC. In contrast, the JETI device works only when attached to a PC with custom software.

The 1211 can be used as a working color analyzer. Its speed and low-light sensitivity make it suitable for any calibration task—except perhaps reading black level—where the light level is so low even the 1211 often cannot cope. Fortunately, very low light levels can be accurately read with quite inexpensive instruments, such as the AEMC CA813 illuminance meter. The Display 3 will read down to about 0.007 cd/m2.


The Specbos 1211 is the most affordable true reference device available. Just mount either on a tripod, facing towards the source, connect to ChromaPure Professional and use as you would any other color analyzer.


Specbos 1211
Spectral range: 350-1000 nm
Wavelength resolution: 4.5 nm
Dynamic range (luminance): 0.1–2,500 cd/m2
Dynamic range (illuminance): 2–20,000 Lux
Luminance accuracy: ±2%
Luminance reproducibility: ±1%
Chromaticity accuracy: ±0.002 xy
Chromaticity reproducibility: ±0.0005 xy
Light receiving element: 2048 pixel photo diode array
Standard power supply: USB
Optional Power supply: Bluetooth, RS-232, and LAN
Dimensions: 140 mm x 68 mm x 34 mm
Weight: 450 grams
Operating temperature: 10–40 °C
NIST traceable: Yes
Recommended recalibration interval: 1 Year
Ships with:  
  • USB cable
  • Tripod
  • Diffuser (for illuminance readings)
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operation instructions
  • Transport box with foam insert


JETI 1211 (Call us for best price.)
JETI 1211 with ChromaPure Professional software

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JETI 1211 Standalone

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JETI 1211 Options (Standard 1211 comes with a USB connection and diffuser for illuminance readings)  
  • Luminance Only (1211L): Subtract $500
  • Bluetooth Connection: Add $500
  • LAN Connection: Add $150
  • RS-232 Connection: Add $200

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