ChromaPure Auto-Calibrate Add-On

This product allows anyone with little or no training in video technology to fully calibrate their display with almost no user input. Just setup a few simple options, click Auto-Calibrate, and then just go have a cup of coffee while the process completes, usually in less than 10 minutes. Take a look at a demo showing how Auto-Calibrate works.

This feature is an optional add-on to ChromaPure Standard, and it works in conjunction with a DVDO Duo external video processor. The processor acts as both a test pattern signal generator and calibration device. The Auto-Calibrate software controls the processor and the color analyzer to get the most out of your display. It will even generate a before and after calibration report for you.



Auto-Calibrate will adjust the display's grayscale, gamma response, and color gamut to within industry standards.

Auto-Calibration Requirements

  • PC or laptop running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and ChromaPure 2.2 or higher
  • A supported color analyzer
  • DVDO Duo or Lumagen Radiance (any model) external video processor connected to the PC via a RS232 serial connection. Most modern PCs will require a USB-RS232 adaptor.


Already own ChromaPure, a supported color analyzer, and the DVDO Duo

ChromaPure Auto-Calibrate Add-on
Once you purchase this option, we will send you an update to your license file that enables the option in ChromaPure 2.2 or higher.

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Already own ChromaPure and a supported color analyzer

DVDO Duo with the Auto-calibrate Add-on

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Already own a Duo and a supported color analyzer

ChromaPure software with Auto-Calibrate Add-on

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Already own a DVDO Duo

ChromaPure software, Auto-calibrate Add-on, and the Display 3 PRO colorimeter

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You need to start from scratch

Complete Auto-Calibrate bundle for the DVDO Duo

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Need an USB-RS-232 adapter

Purchase a fully tested adapter. Most modern PCs do not include a serial port, so you need this adapter to connect to the Duo.

Note: This item is included with the complete package and is only sold along with one of the other options on this page. It is not sold individually.

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All Display 3 PROs in the bundles above are the OEM model. Substitute the retail version instead.

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Add $20

ChromaPure Professional users are entitled to Auto-Calibrate free of charge. If you are a Professional user and do not have auto-cal, just contact user support for a license upgrade.