i1Pro 2 Spectrophotometer

The i1Pro is a true spectrophotometer, and thus offers the most accurate readings for the widest range of displays at an affordable price.

The i1Pro's only drawback is relatively limited low-light sensitivity. Thus, it is a nearly ideal choice for use with the Display 3 .

You can also use the i1Pro by itself when low-light capabilities are not critical.







  • Closest to a true reference device for a sub-$1,000 color analyzer
  • Reads a wide range a displays accurately and quickly
  • Unlike filter-based color analyzers, the i1Pro maintains its accuracy for a long period of time without recalibration
  • Comes with counter-weight, calibration plate, and screw-on diffuser for illuminance readings


Optical Resolution: 10 nm
Sampling Interval: 3.5 nm
Spectral Range: 380 nm-730nm in 10nm increments
Measurement range: 0.2 cd/m2-300 cd/m2
Short-term repeatability:* Chromaticity: x,y <+/-0.002
* CRT 5,000k, 80 cd/m2



i1Pro bundled with ChromaPure Standard: $1249

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