Lumagen Radiance 2123 / 2143

The 2123 is Lumagen's newest 2K video processor. It is a successor to the Lumagen 2021 video processor. It differs from the 2021 by including

  • Support for a 17x17x17 LUT color calibration (4913 colors)
  • Eight digital HDMI inputs
  • Built-in USB-Serial converter, which removes the need for an external adapter

Select the 2123 for optimum image quality within a reasonable budget. It's firmware is user-upgradable, and new firmware is released regularly.

With all of these features, the Radiance 2123 provides state-of-art video image enhancement and processing. However, what makes the Lumagen line of processors truly special is that they include a full set of video calibration controls. These include

  • Comprehensive set of video test patterns all automatically controlled by ChromaPure—just click measure in ChromaPure and the Lumagen will automatically provide the necessary test pattern.
  • Grayscale/gamma adjustments in 5% or 10% increments
  • Full 3D color management.
  • Use the 2123 as the center of a total auto-calibration solution.

So how is the 2123 different from the Duo? They both provide world-class video processing and calibration controls. There are three main differences.

  • The 2123's Darbee Visual Presence™ (DVP) technology provides more sophisticated image processing.
  • It is generally more powerful. It offers more test patterns and can an output true 3D signals, so it is ideal for calibrating displays in 3D mode.
  • It provides a true 3D 125, 729, or 4913 LUT color calibration tool tightly integrated into ChromaPure's Advanced Auto-calibrate technology. This allows you to calibrate throughout the color space, rather than simply on the gamut border.

Get the 4K output option

The Lumagen Radiance 2143 is exactly the same as the 2123, except it adds 4K @60 Hz output. Just like the 2123, the 2143 has two HDMI inputs. The difference is that one of them is 2K and the other is 4K.

The Analog option

If you need analog video (2xComponent, 2xComposite) and audio (3xCoax, 1xTos, 2xStereo) inputs, you can opt for the for Lumagen 2124 or 2144. These are identical to the 2123 and 2143 with the addition of analog video and discreet audio inputs.


The Lumagen video processors provide world-class video processing, test pattern generation, and comprehensive calibration controls, including 125/729/4913-point LUT 3D cube calibration.


Lumagen Radiance 2123 2K Video Processor

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Lumagen Radiance 2143 4K Output Video processor

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Lumagen Radiance 2124 2K Video Processor



Lumagen Radiance 2144 4K Video Processor