ChromaPure Professional with a JETI Spectraval Reference Spectroradiometer


Coming off the enormous success of the JETI 1211, JETI has developed a new line of reference spectroradiometers that seek to offer equivalent performance to the 1211 at an even lower cost and with increased user flexibility.

This effort has resulted in two new products, the Spectraval 1501 and Spectraval 1511. Each performs the same, but offer different user interfaces. The 1501 (pictured on the left) must be controlled by PC software, just like the JETI 1211. However, the 1511 adds a small LCD screen that allows the user to take measurements and view results without ever connecting to a PC. However, at some point in the display measurement process you will probably want to connect to video calibration software for analysis and reporting, which is why we offer the Spectraval 1511 bundled with ChromaPure Professional.

Both the 1501 and 1511 offer built-in Bluetooth, which allows wireless connection to the PC for added user flexibility. Otherwise, the Spectraval units offer similar speed, accuracy, and repeatability to the 1211 in addition to offering even higher dynamic range through greater maximum luminance.

The 1211 offers a wider spectral range, but this is unnecesary for measurements in the visible range. To top it off, the Spectraval units are less expensive than the 1211.

Hi-Res Option

Both the 1501 and the 1511 come in a High Resolution configuration. This version of the meters differs from the standard version in two ways:

  • It offers a higher optical resolution of 2nm
  • It is less sensitive, so readings take about twice as long to complete.

The purpose of this option is to offer an instrument whose resolution is high enough that it can accurately measure new displays, specifically RGB laser projectors, that exhibit a very narrow spectral response for the three primary colors. The vast majority of laser projectors are not RGB devices, but blue lasers with a phosphor that separates the blue light into red and green components. This much more common design does not require the hi-resolution option.


The JETI Spectraval 1501 spectroradiometer is the most affordable true reference device available, and the Spectraval 1511 is less expensive than the JETI 1211 with similar performance and significantly enhanced user flexibility. Just mount either on a tripod, facing towards the source, connect to ChromaPure Professional and use as you would any other color analyzer.


Spectraval 1501 and 1511
Optical Parameters
Spectral range 380 nm - 780 nm
Optical resolution (FWHM) 4.5 nm
Calculated wavelength step 1 nm
Digital electronic resolution 16 Bit ADC
Viewing angle 1.8°
Measuring distance / diameter 20 cm - Ø 6 mm; 100 cm - Ø 31 mm
Measuring Ranges and Accuracies
Measuring range luminance 0.1 - 100 000cd/m² (typical white LED)
Luminance accuracy ± 2 % (@ 100 cd/m² and illuminant A)
Luminance reproducibility ± 1 %
Chromaticity accuracy ± 0.002 x , y (@ illuminant A)
Color reproducibility ± 0.0005 x , y (@ illuminant A)
CCT reproducibility ± 20 K (@ illuminant A)
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.5 nm
Other Technical Data
Dispersive element Imaging grating (flat field)
Light receiving element CCD array 2048 pixel (binned)
Power supply Battery and USB powered
PC interface USB 2.0 fullspeed
Dimensions 140 mm * 115 mm * 70 mm
Weight 400 grams (1501)/500 grams (1511)
Operating conditions
Temperature 10 - 40 °C
Humidity < 85 % relative humidity at 35 °C
Items Included
PC software JETI LiVal 
Operating instructions and firmware commands (digital)
USB cable, Tripod, Transport box, Trigger connector,
Bluetooth stick, Battery charger, Calibration certificate


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JETI 1501
JETI Spectraval 1501 with ChromaPure Professional software

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JETI Spectraval 1501 Standalone

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JETI Spectraval 1501 Hi-Res with ChromaPure Professional software
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JETI Spectraval 1501 Hi-Res Standalone

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JETI 1511
JETI Spectraval 1511 with ChromaPure Professional software

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JETI Spectraval 1511 Standalone

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JETI Spectraval 1511 Hi-Res with ChromaPure Professional software

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JETI Spectraval 1511 Hi-Res Standalone

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