ChromaPure Professional and Klein K10a Colorimeter


The backbone of any video measurement or calibration effort is the colorimeter. Spectroradiometers, despite their reference accuracy, do not offer either the speed or the low-light sensitivity for the front line measurement instrument. For this you need a colorimeter. The Klien K-10a is the industry standard for professional-quality colorimeters. Its speed and low-light sensitivity is the best in the business. For maximum accuracy it should be paired with a reference spectroradiometer, such as those offered by JETI or Research Colorimetry. For more information about the K-10a, read our review.


The K-10a colorimeter is unequalled for speed and low-light sensitivity.


Klein K10-A
Receptors Silicon Photocells
Measurement area 43 mm at contact
60 mm at 10 cm distance
70 cm at 4 meters distance
Acceptance angle ±5 degrees
Measurement Distance Any Distance
Display Range (Luminance) 0.0001to 10,000 cd/m2
Display Range (Chromaticity) Displayed as 3 or 4 digit value (selectable)*
Luminance (Meas. Range) 0.00006 to 10,000 cd/m2
Luminance (Accuracy) ±2% (3.00 to 10,000 cd/m²)
Luminance (Repeatability) ±0.1% (3.00 to 10,000 cd/m²)
Chromaticity (Meas. range ) 0.020 to 10,000 cd/m²
Chromaticity (Accuracy) ±0.002†, ±0.004††
Chromaticity (Repeatability) ±0.003 (0.05 to 0.1 cd/m²)
±0.0003 (2 to 10 cd/m²)
Flicker (VESA) (Meas. range) 1 to 150Hz*
Flicker (VESA) (Display Range) 0.0 to 999.9%
Flicker (VESA) (Accuracy) ±1% (flicker frequency: 30 Hz 75% duty cycle square wave)
±1% (flicker frequency: 60 Hz 75% duty cycle square wave)
Flicker (Contrast Method) (Meas. Range) 1 to 150Hz*
Flicker (Contrast Method) (Display Range) 0.0 to 999.9%
Flicker (Contrast Method) (Accuracy) ±.4% (flicker frequency: 30Hz AC/DC 10% sine wave)
Measurement speed (xyY) 8 measurements per second, averaging below 2.7 nits
Measurement speed (Flicker) 384 measurements per second*
Sync Mode Universal
Memory channels 90 stored in colorimeter
RGB Analyzer function Standard
Interface USB or RS-232c (38,400 bps maximum)
Multi-point measurement axis 1,4,5, or 9 probes using Klein K-colorimeter software‡
Software Solutions Chromasurf (available on website)
SDK software (supplied as standard accessory)‡
Operating temperature/humidity range Temperature: 15 to 35°C; Relative Humidity 70% or less with no condensation.
Luminance change: ±2% ±1 digit of reading for white; Chromaticity change: ±0.002
for white, ±0.006 for monochrome from reading of Klein’s standard LCD, 120 cd/
m² at 23°C 40%RH
Storage temperature/humidity range 0 to 28°C: Relative Humidity 70% or less with no condensation; 28 to 40°C:
Relative humidity 40% or less with no condensation
Input voltage range/ power 5V (USB power), ≤150mA
Dimensions 60mm diameter, 265mm length
Weight 570g (1 pound, 4 ounces)


ChromaPure Professional with the Klein K10a
Klein K-10a with ChromaPure Professional Software
K-10a with ChromaPure Pro
Klein K10a Standalone

Klein K-10a Standalone