ChromaPure Calibration Disc

Test patterns are an essential element of any display calibration. ChromaPure includes some basic patterns that can be displayed through the PC's video card, but for a full suite of test patterns you need another source.

Video test pattern generators, such as the Accupel, are probably the best approach, but this is an expensive option outside the reach of most consumers. For most people the best source of video test patterns is on a disc played through a DVD or Blu-ray player.






ChromaPure now offers such a disc that includes all of the basic test patterns necessary for display calibration. The ChromaPure calibration disc offers test patterns for the following tasks:

  • Grayscale
  • Color Gamut
  • Gamma
  • White Balance
  • Advanced Color Management
  • ColorChecker

Each of these test patterns are offered in full fields, 6.5% windows, and 6.5% APL windows.


In addition to these color calibration test patterns, the disc also includes original patterns for

  • Setting Brightness
  • Setting Contrast
  • Setting Sharpness
  • Measuring ANSI Contrast
  • Checking for Grayscale Smooth Transitions
  • Checking for Pixel Alignment and Screen Geometry
  • Checking for One-to-One Pixel Mapping


Ease of Use

The test patterns on the disc are arranged in a way that is conducive to the normal workflow ChromaPure users would normally experience. Also, particular care was taken to ensure that the disc is simple and easy to use. To navigate between patterns in a series (such as grayscale), just use the chapter forward button on the disc player's remote control. For navigation aids or text-based explanations for how to use some of the patterns, just press the pop-up menu button on the remote.

The ChromaPure Calibration Disc is now offered for free along with the purchase of a ChromaPure Display 3 PRO bundle. Additionally, the disc is available as a standalone purchase for $27.99.



  • All of the patterns needed for a good calibration
  • Simple interface and easy to navigate
  • Patterns optimized for ChromaPure users
  • Pop-up instructions for basic test patterns


1920 x 1080 test patterns on a Blu-ray or AVCHD DVD disc


With the Display 3 PRO: Free

Standalone: $29.99 w/free domestic U.S. shipping

Disc included as part of the Accessories Package.

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