ChromaPure Professional and Colorimetry Research CR-250 Reference Spectroradiometer

There are two color analyzers that professionals and dedicated enthusiasts generally seek: a reference spectroradiometer for the last word in colorimetric accuracy and a professional quality colorimeter. Unfortunately, such devices are not cheap. The Photo Research and Minolta reference spectros start at about $15,000 and go up to $30,000 +.

There is a new entry to the reference spectroradiometer market, the Colorimtry Research CR-250.

In our testing of the CR-250 we have found that it performs similarly to the JETI spectros, the only other sub-$10,000 spectros on the market. It does this at the low price point of $6990.

The CR-250 has all of the accuracy expected of a reference device and is fast enough with enough low-end sensitivity that it can be used as a stanalone color analyzer, though most will probably use it to correct a colorimeter. Its speed, low-light sensitivity, and repeatability are world-class.


The CR-250 is one of the most affordable reference spectroradiometers available. Just mount on a tripod facing towards the source, connect to ChromaPure Professional, and then use as you would any other color analyzer.


Colorimetry Research CR-250-RH
Detector CMOS image sensor, 256 pixels
Spectral Range 380 - 780 nm
Spectral Bandwidth 5 nm
Spectral Accuracy ± 0.3 nm
Spectral Resolution 1.6 nm / pixel
Luminance Range 0.05 fL to 45000 fL ‡
Luminance Accuracy ±2 % Ω
Luminance Repeatability ≤1% Ω
Chromaticity Accuracy ± 0.0015 x, y Ω
Chromaticity Repeatability 0.0005 x, y Ω
Polarization Error ≤ 0.5 %
Digital Resolution 16 bits
Objective Lens 50 mm * , 60 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm
Custom Synchronization 10 - 10000 Hz
Exposure Time Range 0.02 to 30 seconds
Power Requirements 5V, 120 mA (600 mW) via USB 2.0
Interface USB 2.0, Ethernet
Weight / Mass 1.0 pounds (0.45 kg)


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