Lumagen Radiance Video Processors

There are three Lumagen Radiance video processors.

  • Radiance 2143: This model includes 2K in and 4K out with 8 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs (one is audio only) and 4913 point LUT color calibration. It also adds a built-in USB-Serial converter, which removes the need for an external adapter.
  • Radiance 2144: This model is the same as the 2143, except that it adds support for analog audio/video inputs.

With all of these features, the Radiance family or video processors provides state-of-art video image enhancement and processing. However, what makes the Lumagen line of processors truly special is that they include a full set of video calibration controls. These include

  • Comprehensive set of video test patterns all automatically controlled by ChromaPure—just click measure in ChromaPure and the Lumagen will automatically provide the necessary test pattern.
  • Grayscale/gamma adjustments in 5% or 10% increments
  • Full 3D color management.
  • Use the any model as the center of a total auto-calibration solution.

Lumagen Radiance 21xx web page


The Lumagen video processors provide world-class video processing, test pattern generation, and comprehensive calibration controls, including 125/729/4913-point LUT 3D cube calibration.


Lumagen Radiance 2143 4K Output Video Processor

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