DVDO TPG 4K Video Generator

This is a great new tool for video testing and calibration. It offers a similar suite of test patterns as the DVDO Duo with a few differences. First, and most importantly, it outputs true 4K. It will even output 4K at 60 Hz using YCbCr 4:2:0. This makes the TPG the most affordable 4K video test pattern generator on the market by far.

Second, the TPG is incredibly compact. It easily fits in your hand, which makes it ideal for portable applications. Furthermore, it can draw its power entirely from a connection to the PC via USB, so the user doesn't have to worry about connecting it a separate power source.

It also offers a remote control for standalone use, and is fully supported by ChromaPure 2.5.1.

Every serious calibrator, video tester or engineer, or enthusiast with a 4K display should have one of these as part of their toolkit.


The DVDO TPG provides a comprehensive suite of test patterns. It works seamlessly with ChromaPure, which will generate the needed test pattern automatically.

What's Included?

Each package contains:

  • DVDO TPG 4K Video Test Pattern Generator
  • Remote Control
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter for standalone use


DVDO TPG 4K Video Test Pattern Generator
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