X-Rite Display 3 Colorimeter

Officially known as the i1 Display Pro III, by any definition X-Rite’s new Display 3 colorimeter is a disruptive technology. In many ways, it is not useful to think of the Display 3 as simply a successor to the Display 2, which has been the dominant affordable colorimeter on the market for several years. The Display 3 is based on a completely different design and offers a level of performance profoundly superior to the Display 2, indeed profoundly superior to any colorimeter at anywhere near the MSRP price of $269.

It is also one of the easiest devices to use because it requires no dark reading calibration.

For a full review of the Display 3 colorimeter, see New Gear.





  • No dark reading
  • Excellent low-light performance (real-world performance shows good results down to approximately 0.003 cd/m2)
  • Built-in tripod mount
  • Built-in hinged high-quality diffuser
  • Very good accuracy
  • Extremely fast
  • Available in PRO configuration, which enhances accuracy even more


Display 3 (OEM) w/ChromaPure Standard: $440
Retail version of Display 3: Add $29 Order Now