ChromaPure Professional Video Calibration Software

ChromaPure Professional offers the same ease-of-use and comprehensive feature set as ChromaPure Standard, with the several enhancements aimed at the professional user.

Professional Color Analyzers

  • Minolta CS-200 colorimeter
  • Minolta CS-2000 spectroradiometer
  • Photo Research PR-650/655/670 spectroradiometer
  • JETI 1201/1211 spectroradiometers
  • JETI 1501 spectroradiometer
  • Colorimetry Research CR-100 colorimeter
  • Colorimetry Research CR-250 spectroradiometer
  • Klein K-10a colorimeter
  • X-Rite Hubble/Sencore OTC-1000 colorimeter

Professional Signal Generators

  • Sencore VP40x
  • Quantum Data 780/Sencore MP-500
  • Quantum Data 801
  • Quantum Data 701
  • Quantum Data 882
  • AccuPel HDG-3000/4000
  • AccuPel DVG-5000
  • Murideo SIX-G (4K)
  • DVDO TPG (4K)
  • Video Forge


ChromaPure Professional includes licensing for professional use. This includes any use in which the software will be included in for-profit activity.


ChromaPure Professional supports an unlimited number of meters. To add a meter, simply contact us and we will update your license free of charge.

Customizable Reports

ChromaPure Professional users may obtain an Excel-based report that is customized to your own specifications. Just tell us what charts, graphs, and company information you would like and we will update the software to include this.


  • Auto-calibrate is an optional add-on for ChromaPure Standard. ChromaPure Professional users are entitled to this exciting product for free.
  • Lumagen LUT Advanced Auto-Calibrate is an optional upgrade ($79) to standard auto-calibrate. It provides a comprehensive LUT color/grayscale/gamma calibration using a user-selectable 125/729/4913 points.
  • ISF Calibration Wizard is an optional add-on ($199) that provides a step-by-step wizard that guides you through the steps necessary to achieve a full ISF calibration.


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